The Perfect Sangam ft. Colgate Vedshakti

May 22nd, 2018 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


I have forever believed in blending age-old traditions with modern know-how. There is always a touch of my ancestral roots in most of what I do. From my favourite food being cheese masala dosa (the South Indian that I am, not guilty at all) and paneer with pesto sauce to my fusion in the field of fashion, the choices are manifold. Recently, I was sent…

Healthy hair ft Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair Oil

Jan 17th, 2017 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


  The ancient science of Ayurveda roots itself on harmony, spiritual essence and holistic well-being. With herbal practices regaining popularity in the current phase, most of us favor organic produce that do not involve animal testing. As a kid, I have always been keen on growing my hair really long. Lucky for me, I’ve been genetically blessed with thick and gorgeous hair. Hence, didn’t have…


Nov 9th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 3 min read


  It’s a simple art of blending modern clothing with pieces that can flatter any given body shape, any time in fashion. We often confuse ourselves between a classic look and one that’s vintage. While classic refers to a style that never fades and fits any body shape well, Vintage refers to a particular piece or style that marked a point in a given era….

Diwali Deals @ Forum Mall ft. Marks & Spencer

Oct 27th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 5 min read


It’s Diwali this weekend and as always I’m late in deciding what I wanted to wear. Yes! Always been a last minute worker and well, proud of it a bit ‘cos my best comes out at the spur of the moment. Where did I go? I visited Forum Vijaya Mall located in Vadapalani, a one stop-shopping destination for our complete looks. Just as every year,…

Festive Moods

Oct 17th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


Diwali is just on the verge, and I believe all you ladies out there must have their shopping list ready by far. If not, then you can do it now but if yes, girl you might need some amendments. I know saree would definitely be a part of your shopping but have you thought which type of sarees??? Yes, this is really important. Diwali is…

A Little More About Me :: With ME

Oct 13th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 5 min read


Hey guys!! I cannot even tell you how happy I am today on my baby, My Fashion Confession having completed its first year in the field of fashion and style. I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s been easy but it sure as hell, has been the best time of my life! It’s a dream come to life so yeah.! Since I’ve stuck to the field…

Autumn Winter ’16 with PHOENIX MARKETCITY

Oct 1st, 2016 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


Hey stunners It’s time for some Winter Loving right? You know what my favorite part of an Autumn-Winter collection is – Of course, dark hues and bold cuts. This time around, I was invited for Phoenix Marketcity’s AW’16 collection preview in collaboration with Cosmopolitan India and I totally fell in LOVE with it. A show conceptualized brilliantly by Lakme Fashion Week’s Lubna Adam and Taapsee…

KaMAALGAADI Goes Festive #WithACause

Sep 30th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


  Sneak peek into Kamaalgaadi, festive trunk show by Maalgaadi, happening at Besant Nagar on 30 September’16 and 1 October’16. Do not miss it! There is too much to love. #kamaalgaaditrunkshow Maalgaadi, on the pretext of hosting an exclusive preview of their festive trunk show Kamaalgaadi, had also taken an impressive initiative to get Namma Chennai bloggers from all verticals to interact with one another…


Aug 26th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 6 min read


  The amalgamation of fashion and nature curating the finest designs for men and women, gave birth to one of the premium lifestyle accessories brand, Art + Nature = ARTURE Having wanting to gift a friend something unique on her birthday was how I stumbled upon Shivani and Kesha, founders of Arture. And believe me, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I have been on a…


Aug 15th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 4 min read

_AG_4261 F

Wait, WHAT?? {You know, I am really liking what you’re thinking} But, what I am actually referring to is a tad different from the thoughts you’re having. “THE NAKED” is a designer label started by a crazy friend, with oodles of swag and style, Kajal. On the lines of bridal attires, she is uniquely sophisticated, not forgetting to add the drama as well! Don’t we…