:) Hey guys!! I cannot even tell you how happy I am today on my baby, My Fashion Confession having completed its first year in the field of fashion and style. I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s been easy but it sure as hell, has been the best time of my life! It’s a dream come to life so yeah.!

Since I’ve stuck to the field of fashion and styling in ALL my posts, I am going to make this post “All About Me” in a way where you will know something fun and demented, maybe, about me.

10 Things you must know about me

  1. I believe 6 to be my lucky number and Thursdays to be my lucky days, for no apparent reason 😀
  2. I <3 ice-creams. Anyday, anytime, count me in. Actually, that’s more therapeutic in comparison to shopping.
  3. I am a die-hard Bollywood fan. Play a song and you will know. My sister still thinks I’m psychotic when she sees me do every single dance step exactly the way the actors do it. It’s the kind of fun she doesn’t understand *siblings I say*
  4. I am extremely allergic to fake people. I can shun them just as easily. CAUTION!
  5. I am quite often known to be the “Queen of Sarcasm”. My inspiration couldn’t “BE” any better than Chandler Bing.
  6. OH! I am obsessed with Honey Singh and Baadshah. Ask me for their raps next time we meet. (Not the hardcore Punjabi ones pls)
  7. If you feel I’m mad at anything or anyone, just get me a Nutella Crepe from Kitchen 187 and BAM.. I’M BACK!
  8. Colors delight me. Its like an instant attraction and yet another dream to smear paint all over the walls of my room.
  9. Though I might come across a bit too girly from my blog post pictures, I still prefer spending my days the tomboy way – Denim/joggers and oversized tees.
  10. I’ve always liked a simpler life. Fortunately for me, I can be extremely upfront while conversing with people.

Let me throw in one more for you – I started writing this post at 2:20pm today. God bless me! My mum ain’t wrong about my habit of procrastination.

So, that’s me – Hoping you know me better now! Nonetheless, I can’t thank each and every one of you who have been by my side with the pluses and minuses helping me grow to this level. Do let me know if you would love reading more posts like these – strictly no fashion there!

Until next time, heaps of love and hugs..


Photo courtesy :: Nagoor Photography

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