The amalgamation of fashion and nature curating the finest designs for men and women, gave birth to one of the premium lifestyle accessories brand,

Art + Nature = ARTURE

Having wanting to gift a friend something unique on her birthday was how I stumbled upon Shivani and Kesha, founders of Arture. And believe me, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I have been on a constant lookout of bringing something exclusive to my blog and here I am, giving you my honest opinion on Arture.

Strong believers of “Earth of the future”, Arture sticks true to its commitments. With its core product being CORK, I’m sure none of us would have thought that it could look so aesthetic and classic. It does take someone with a keen and tasteful fashion sense to venture into a concept like this.

The fact that no cork tree is ever cut down makes it the most ecological material of its kind. In its natural form, cork is completely water-resistant and anti-fungal. Aren’t these some major issues we face with our luxury or leather accessories? Cork makes their products remarkably light and flexible. The fabric feels like feather and guess what, its fireproof too!

They have a pleasant range of colors (Personal favorite – maroon) and are in the process of launching some beautiful summer shades as well! Being quite versatile, these products can be carried round the clock and world. Time to up your style quotient, isn’t it?

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PS – These are a few ways I styled them. I will be linking the pics below to their direct pages on Arture. Also, the Summer Shopper Tote that I’m using in Black is reversible to a Natural Shade. They do have a color option there too. Any guesses on what that would be? ‘Cos that’s my favorite!

Location Courtesy :: Sadhana Somasekhar

Dapper Man :: Nipun Shah

Photo Courtesy :: Nagoor Photography

Arture Ackley Sling Bag – Natural + Blue

Arture Ackley Sling Bag – Natural + Brown (Color Variant)

Arture Glen Men’s Coin Wallet – Blue

Arture Summer Shopper Tote – Black + Natural

Arture Summer Shopper Tote – Natural + Maroon (Color Variant)

Arture Cela iPad Sleeve – Maroon Arture Cedar Passport Sleeve – Natural (Linked below)

Arture Cedar Passport Sleeve – Natural

Arture Reilly Card Case – Maroon

GO GREEN.. Until next time,


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