Culottes, also known as cropped pants or knee-length trousers, were earlier worn by European men. Like they say, the world is round – What goes around, comes back again. Exactly what has been happening with fashion.

Culottes are a great choice for formal wear provided they stick to office norms – plain shades or stripes or dotted. Such patterns can be worn with a right mix of shirt colors.

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With eccentric designs taking over the whole fashion base today, I picked up these culottes with mini heart-shaped flowers. It’s more on the semi-formal side. Since the print talks for itself, I chose not to overdo the look yet make a statement. So, I teamed it with a patched red shirt.


I never get to borrow anything from my dad. Size matters, of course!! But while fiddling around on his bedside table, I looked at this watch & asked him if he REALLY REALLY needed it. Haha.. He is quite the free-handed person & obviously he said “No, you take it if you like it”. His next sentence : “I bought this years’ back and its gold. Keep it safe. Don’t leave it outside”. My Expression – $_$


Sometime back, Pipa-Bella introduced their Vogue Empower collection. I came across these absolutely stunning pair of Gold Feather earrings & they come with dotted inter changeable. I had to use these so I decided to put an outfit together for this. 😀 Along with it, I wore a set of the Fast Forward ring set.


If you wish to, you can always create a bolder look by adding a statement neckpiece or collar pins.

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For my heels, I chose nude so I could avoid looking like any flag or anywhere close to a rainbow. I tied my hair up into a poof and bun. For options, you could try a high ponytail or a messy braid to make it casual.

A few mixes with Culottes could be cropped tops, trench coats, funky tees & shirts, of course, like I have mentioned before, carrying it with attitude and confidence makes all the difference.

Pic Courtesy ::  My Dear Friend, Giraffe aka Nagoor Photography J

:: Outfit ::

Culottes :: Chemistry

Shirt :: Mango

Watch :: Dad’s Wardbrobe – Vintage

Earrings & Rings :: Pipa-Bella

Shoes :: Nine West Nude pumps

Stay Stylish yet simple! Until next time..


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