It’s a simple art of blending modern clothing with pieces that can flatter any given body shape, any time in fashion. We often confuse ourselves between a classic look and one that’s vintage. While classic refers to a style that never fades and fits any body shape well, Vintage refers to a particular piece or style that marked a point in a given era.

To add a sense a style, definition and history to a look, that we usually wouldn’t find off the racks in a mall, its always a great idea to mix it up! Stripes and polka dots are a YES forever. I just thought of keeping up with the on-going trends of cold-shoulder and cropped tops. Considering the comfort I always need, I wore a jumpsuit unbuttoned and backpacked the look in b&w.

This time around I decided to upgrade my look with some dramatic eyes and bold lips. You know how much drama they loved back then! This gorgeous finish done by Paavana Mohan – @purpleparroteatingcarrot (Quite an interesting name, isn’t it?)

Find her here – Instagram  and  Facebook.


Photo courtesy :: Nagoor Photography

Make-up :: Paavana Mohan

All clothing :: Forever21

Backpack :: Bubble-o-gum








Until next time, heaps of love and hugs..


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