Dress (Maybe)? Shorts (What about the creeps outside :O)? Palazzos (Comfy but Nahhh..)?

Confused much? I have a term for that – Daily Denim Crushes!!

It’s like an angel in disguise and honestly no one cares how many times your denim has been repeated.

Be it a fall outfit or a spring summer collection, denim overalls or shift dresses or shorts are always in vogue and pretty much worn every season.

With denims being such a rage at this point, you can work around your look in innumerable ways maintaining that widely appreciated oomph factor.

Try these, for instance – Add a brooch to your pocket (My Favourite), a statement neckpiece to your dress, a bow-tie to your shirt, carrying bright bags to wearing funky shoes or layering shorts with full length capes!

WARNING : I might look like a “The Girl Next Door” in this post but trust me I am nowhere close to that.


I decided to go real simple and wore my blue & white printed shift dress. To make a confession – I was always very confused between shift & sheath dresses. Now, I’m not!

The difference being, sheath dresses always fit at your waist line while shift dresses have no defined waist line and were introduced a decade later. Shift dresses are definitely a boon for those on the heavier side as well. Style it your way!


Pairing with a cropped white denim jacket, I wore my Rhitestone embellished grey flats and took over a pink sling.

There is something we all should understand when it comes to complementary colors –they create the strongest contrast for those particular two colors. For instance, pink & grey, orange & blue, green & red and so on.

_AG_0874 _AG_0879

For my accessories, I wanted to go very delicate with a simple hand-harness and few rings.

_AG_0866 _AG_0869

Voila, I’m all set! :)

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Pic Courtesy :: My Dear Friend, Giraffe aka Nagoor Photography :)

:: Outfit ::

Shift Dress :: Forever New (Steal deals available during sale periods <3)

White Denim Jacket :: Forever 21

Hand-harness :: Forever 21

Rings :: Asos

Shoes :: Steve Madden

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Until next time..


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