The ancient science of Ayurveda roots itself on harmony, spiritual essence and holistic well-being. With herbal practices regaining popularity in the current phase, most of us favor organic produce that do not involve animal testing.

As a kid, I have always been keen on growing my hair really long. Lucky for me, I’ve been genetically blessed with thick and gorgeous hair. Hence, didn’t have to do much initially. Like they say, to begin with is easy but the tougher task is in maintaining it. I’ve had my fair share of troubles in understanding what helped me in enhancing the health & beauty of it. Eventually, I got used to trying new products and realized, absolutely nothing beats organic.

This time around, I’ve been trying Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair Oil for almost two weeks. Sharing my experience and review of the same below –

Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair Oil


  1. About Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil :: INR 299 for 125ml

The oil is a blend of 8 Ayurvedic herbs in Sesame and Coconut oil. The key ingredients of which include Olive oil, Amla, Henna, Shikakai, Neem, Brahmi, Methi and Bhringaraj. This amalgamation focuses on your complete hair growth and nourishment.

  1. What it claims?

Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair oil claims to take care of your hairs complete hair growth making it longer and stronger by reducing hairfall, premature greying and issues caused due to hormonal imbalances.

  1. How to apply?

Proper oiling is one of the vital aspects of taking care of your hair. It is not mandatory to heat the oil but it definitely has added benefits, if you do so. Application of any oil must start at the roots and then scalp to the tips. Massaging it in circular motion improves the effectiveness of your blood circulation. Leave it on for 30 mins and wash off with a mild shampoo.

  1. How often can you use it?

For best results, they direct you to use it thrice a week. I preferred oiling my hair twice a week with it and it seemed to work quite well.


  1. Overall Overview
  • Availability – Easily accessible in Flipkart – Click to buy now
  • Packaging – Properly sealed plastic bottle with less chances of spilling around the product while usage. It also carries an instruction manual stating all its claims and regimen to be followed.
  • Performance – The hair oil has been quite effective in terms of reducing hairfall and nourishing it. To achieve improvised results, I used sulphate-free shampoos. The shelf life of the oil is up to 3 years. Of course, depending on one’s personal health conditions, the oil may benefit you in a different way.

As mentioned, Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair Oil has been clinically tested to see hair growth of 8cms within 8 weeks which I can’t say with surety just yet.

A natural conditioner for hair growth that nourishes deeply while cooling the scalp, the product is quite light-weight to use and definite value for money. Try it to know it.

  1. Would I recommend Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair Oil?

Yes, I definitely would. It’s always better to switch over to organic products and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Overall Rating :: 3.5/5



Photo Courtesy :: Nagoor Photography

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