{He is allowed only one pic in this post.. It was too cute to resist anyway!}

To My Valentine..

Valentine’s a day is to celebrate love. So, here I am doing just that in the purest form of it. Love of a mother! 


I have always enjoyed styling my mom from her get-togethers to our family weddings. Let me tell you, she rarely moves out of her comfort zone, just like all of us! Nonetheless, I didn’t push her this time thinking she might be a bit uneasy facing the camera. Turns out – She loves it & is way better than me.

We often forget that love comes first from the family. Ever since, I started blogging, I always wanted to one photo shoot with my Mom. And for some reason or the other, it never worked out. Guess it got delayed as it was waiting just for the perfect occasion. Hope you enjoy this one.

I’ll keep this post really short & sweet with just a letter to her.


Love from a mom is one of the best things a child can have – caring & unconditional. You have always been my rock support, teaching me the value of life, a friend who lets me be mischievous, my gossip companion, listening board, punching bag. You have kept me grounded & given me the confidence to be the person I am today.

Yes, we all grow out of childhood & also a lot of other values taught to us then, getting busy in our stressful environment. But we also forget to look back to our mom & know that life is still simple in a lot of ways & much more beautiful. Thank you for all the love. I want to give you Valentine’s Day shout out –

Happy Valentine’s Day Maa

Love, Gudiya :)

Pic Courtesy :: Nagoor Photography