Having been in the category who dislikes waking up early morning and hitting the gym, this I must say was quite an experience for me. Recently, Talwalkars (T.Nagar) introduced cross-fit equipment & I had the opportunity to experience it.

(Yes, of course, I had thoughts of embarrassing myself in front of the trainers and other unknown people, and, I DID)


Nonetheless, it was a realisation of my health and the mind telling me that its high time I paid enough attention to my body. With hardcore training and a personal trainer given to me, the workout lasted about 2 hours and it made sure it killed every part of my body. But you know what? It was totally worth it!

Starting out with warm up sessions, there were a lot of Cardio exercises involved. Cross-fit is a training regime that helps you burn fat faster, understanding well enough that the workout routines are TOUGHER. All you need is a bit of push and motivation from your surroundings, which your trainer does a brilliant job at.


With multi-functional cross-fit equipments being installed in the T.Nagar branch, there are a number of high-intensity exercises that you can carry out with speed and flexibility, working around your entire body.

What my trainer got me to do? Beginning with a lot of cardio, he had me do squats, carrying weights, sledge-pusher followed by a couple of cross-fit exercises.


The most essential part of any routine is maintaining body posture, which is exactly why the trainer makes sure that he is around you ALL the time.


A healthy outside starts from the inside. Let’s build up the stamina and adapt the principle of living healthy. I hope you’ve liked this post.


Until next time, XOXO :)