It seems just like yesterday that I was sitting in front of the T.V. watching “I Dream of Jeannie” or “Small Wonder” hoping that mom won’t pester me to study for exams or do my homework/assignments. [Psst.. I have most of times slept on my books]

Revisiting childhood memories in today’s sensibilities is one of the few things that can cheer you up at the spur of the moment. As kids, mom used to tell us, “I wish you girls never grow up”. Back then, all I could think of was growing up and taking charge of my life. Now, I wish her wish had come true! Everything was so pure then.

The simplicity of having memory games at birthday parties, pillow fights turning wall-lights upside-down, sitting on dad’s tummy and giving him daily updates, watching movies on VCR and having cassettes, sucking at Basketball in school, putting my arms in my shirt and telling people I lost them, restarting a video game knowing that I was gonna lose, pouring coca-cola in the cap, drinking it and making a mess out of it….

Isn’t this true to you too? – Still gives me a blood rush!

When you such beautiful thoughts in mind, you obviously need a place that does justice to you and the look you have chosen. Hence, PORT CAFÉ. Located in Kodambakkam, it has both indoor and outdoor seating. Not to forget, the outdoor doing absolute justice to its name. It has an amazingly hand-painted riverside picture of a ship on the longest wall and layered tyres with a huge tin plate on top making tables for you. Very thoughtfully done. This place is going to be an absolute treat for non-vegetarian lovers. Don’t miss out on their X-Ray Vision and Watermelon Mojito. Yumilicious!

I stuck to a monochromatic combination for this look. With a skater dress having a peter-pan collar, I mixed prints, carrying a Dalmatian dotted bag (Yes, yes, there is noway you wouldn’t love such a print). As mentioned earlier, dots and stripes are the easiest to mix with different prints. The trend of wearing socks isn’t seen much down South, but I still like it a lot! In fact, wearing different socks is a bold but unique styling seen these days. Try it out and don’t forget to be confident.

Location Courtesy ::  Port Café, Kodambakkam

Pic Courtesy ::  Nagoor Photography







:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Forever21

Bag :: H&M

Reflectors :: Zahana

Shoes :: Zara

Socks :: M&S

Get Bold! Get Creative! Until next time,


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