This is a style that can be very tricky yet outstanding! If you do not figure out the right way to mix prints, you might land yourself in fashion disasters! With such a blend, try to be spot on or at least achieve a stage where you don’t feel that your outfit is hurting the eye.

Some safer & evergreen options would be mixing light polka dots and stripes. Believe me, it’s a HIT always. Make sure one of the two is pleasing to look at.


I won’t lie about how I felt for my styling – FREAKED! I have always wanted to try this trend but the fear in me was majorly getting the wrong mix. You must always experiment with something that you aren’t very confident about & yes, we all have those moments.

I happened to see this dress in Westside when I was out running some errands & had an instant liking to it even though there isn’t anything very exclusive. With a wee bit of hesitation, I picked it up. The fact that this dress wasn’t a body fit made me feel very comfortable.


I bought this cape & the first thing I thought was that it might go perfect with the dress. The cape in itself is very flowy, traditional & girl-like. So, I chose to wear boots with it. Out in Chennai, you wouldn’t find girls in boots ‘cos there isn’t much of a requirement here. I wanted something that fits into a decent budget as I have no clue how much of use the boots would be to me.


I wanted to keep my accessories to minimum so I paired bracelets in deep & bottle green with some rings.


For a change, I collaborated with one of the professional make-up artists in Chennai, Deepti Samant, for this look, even though I wanted something simple & natural.

As of course, “DEE” is a wonderful Bridal make-up artist & here is why I chose to collaborate with her.

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With the list of brands being endless alongwith their tonnes of shades and textures available (where we always choose the wrong products), picking the right ones can be vexing and thoroughly confusing. Not to forget, the hole it leaves in our pockets leading to guilt & heart breaks.

This is where DEE comes to the rescue. DEE accompanies her clients, guiding them on the right products to pick up after getting a brief of your skin from you & that too, for a pretty small fee. [Psst.. With me, its some serious Foundation issues. I have them SORTED, like finally!!!!]

A personal make-up artist who also conducts make-up classes one-on-one is like a necessity today to look your personal best without lashing out your hard earned money on professionals for every small requirement.

Are you sensing that good aura around now? It is probably ‘cos DEE is offering 15% off to her first 5 customers. You can get in touch with her in the link provided below.

Just Wing It. Life, Eyeliner, Everything! :)

Make up :: Deepti Samant (

Pic Courtesy :: My Dear Friend, Giraffe aka Nagoor Photography

:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Westside

Cape :: MAX

Boots :: Lifestyle

Rings :: Pipa-Bella

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Until next time..


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