Today’s assignment: Write and publish a “Who I am and why am I here?” post. Sounds too much like school, doesn’t it? Definitely not the road I’m taking! However, since this is my first blog post and just like many other bloggers, I too wanted a big blockbuster opening. What do I do? “JUST BE MYSELF” :)

Here I am – Exactly 5 feet 4.5 inches tall, a Fashion maniac with a tad bit of OCD, Loyal Chennaiite, Movie Buff, Gossip Girl,  Designing-Color-Art lover with a simple vision to share my take on style and hope to help you discover yours.

And when I decided to share inspirations to my personal style and travel diaries, I turned to jotting online. Thus born My Fashion Confession!

My Fashion Confession ­ is not just about fashion and trends. It’s all about understanding the deeper sense of style, sourcing outfits, accessories in vogue, tips for that quintessential chic look and a lot more!

In this journey, I look forward to providing you with your daily dose of fashion, reveal what’s fad, fab and what’s not!

Come join this journey even as I disentangle the secrets from the enchanting & ever-changing world of Fashion.

Interesting posts on various outfits coming soon! Requests and constructive comments, criticisms are most appreciated.

I hope you enjoy being a part of the MFC Family! Welcome aboard :)

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