With summers getting worse in Chennai, it’s given that our skin care regimes have to be looked after. Count me in as a lazy bum too, but sometimes, it is important to realize the value of maintaining a healthy skin. As most of you would know, I have quite the sensitive skin and it is daunting for me to pick and choose products that I apply on it.

Few days back, I was sent a fabulous hamper by Sugarmyylove which contained a Skin Lightening powder, Tan removal mixture, Toxic Face pack, Under-eye Green tea gel and Aloe-vera gel. It doesn’t get better than pampering oneself naturally with handmade products. It’s been over a month since I’ve been using these & here is what I felt about the same.


  1. Packaging :: Placed in a bright purple box, I totally loved the jars in which each product was filled in. Simple and sweet. Of course, they had me at their hand-written note. (Guess I’ll always be the “classic” kinda girl)


  1. Instructions :: I have never seen such explicit variations given on any home-made products that I’ve used until date. Right from the number of times that you could apply a pack to the appropriate mix of water or oils has been clearly stated on the labels of each jar. Though a very small thing to look into, but makes the world of a difference, right?
  1. Product Review ::

a. Toxic Face Pack – This is one I’ve used the most. Made out of charcoal & essential oils, this made my skin quite fresh. The reason I’ve applied this the most is to get rid of blackheads and it seems to do a brilliant job on me. I mixed this up with aloe vera gel and a bit of rose water. In order to avoid breakouts, I was suggested to add a bit of toothpaste in my pack – Well, who knew this could go such a long way.


b. Skin Lightening – A grainy mixture overall, it’s made of almond, oat meal, sugar, gram flour, honey, orange and lemon powder with Vitamin E oil. Though the application can be done thrice a week, I chose to do this 2 times instead, with good results. I prefer this with rose water.


c. Tan Removal – One of their best sellers, this contains soya letchin, organic oats, Vitamin E extracts and some secret recipes too. I mixed this up with olive oil, coffee powder and some honey. If that doesn’t work for you, try coconut oil. It’s one thing that will save you from Chennai’s heat.


d. Aloe Vera gel – This is heaven, smells one too. On an extremely off or lazy day, I just use this. Keep it on for half an hour and wash off with warm water. Soaks up the excess oil from my skin.


Overall rating :: 4/5

If there is something that you’re looking at in specific, make sure to check out their page. I’m sure you will love them.

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Don’t forget to let me know how well it worked for you too! Looking forward to your comments and experiences.

Until next time, XOXO :)