“Girls just wanna have some sun and fun!”

Bleh! Bleh! Bleh! Okay, so when random thoughts were thrown around over a coffee date with my gorgeous girls, Subhi & Priya, things happened. Seriously, it just happened. And, probably one of the most phenomenal outcomes too. You’ll see!


It’s ultimately about surrounding yourself with people having the same vibe, right? Sharing similar interests & ideologies, it was an absolute pleasure having a chance to collaborate with @highonstyl and @subhikshavenkat. Such mad women! With barely any time in hand, we collaborated with Maalgaadi for our complete looks wanting to theme it, “Our Sunday Date”.


Subhi (Feminine Forever), I (Never know how to pose, so jump) & Priya (Surprisingly managed)

Without a doubt, you can imagine the excitement we shared as we barged in the one vacant trial room, giggling, commenting & obviously, figuring out our looks (Yes! We love our work) & I can be girly sometimes (Umm.. what they say about girls in washrooms and trial rooms – TRUE TRUE TRUE).

Playing with neutral tones, our looks were harmonized with each other keeping it relaxed and voguish, for a brunch feel. Not to forget, the white sneakers. #favorite


(Psst.. Priya & I are quite alike in our awkwardness)

Anyway, Here is what I wore –

Sourcing from Maalgaadi, a multi-designer store at Besant Nagar, Chennai, I chose a peach dress from Doodlageofficial. Apart from the fact that it’s an extremely breezy outfit, I love how they campaign eco-fashion. Having derived inspiration from the tendency of our minds to wander and escaping into the world of our daydreams, the textures are made using patchwork and upcycling (using small pieces of fabric and thread, otherwise discarded).



Don’t forget to check out the other blogs for details on their outfits too. Linking them below –

 Priyadarshini Vijay and Subhiksha Venkat

Things we don’t say quite often to one another – It’s been quite a ride with these girls and I can’t be more thankful that  I met them at such a point in life. Like they say, cherish every moment you have and believe in making memories. Let us know if you would love to see more such collaborations. We are always game for it! Mwah :*


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Until next time, XOXO

Photo Courtesy :: Virtuoso Studios (Santhosh and Vignesh)

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