101 Guide for guys – An Insight into a girl’s mind – The most engrossing, pain-stakingly indecisive battle in her head.

Isn’t her wardrobe heavily dominated with her ONE favorite palette of colors? Dosen’t she always speak to herself while cleaning it, “Enough of this! Why am I not exploring? There is a rainbow out there and all I pick are neutrals. Why God WHYYY?” You, on the other hand, are being nice and supportive to her.

The next day – When you are finally out in a mall shopping, you know she can’t resist it.. You just know it.. Don’t you? And, then she thinks, “I’ll style it different each time I wear this piece.. It’s so versatile and definitely worth the investment.” You are STILL being nice to her and helping her decide on pairings even though you can’t differentiate among shades of the colors.

THAT MOMENT OF TRUTH – She wears the same blue/black denim, shorts, skirt and think “Yeah.. So what? This is ME!” Duh! Do you really have a choice?

I’m no different but not exactly the same too. This line perfectly describes me – “My fav colors : Black, Dark Black, Pitch black, Pastel black, Light black, Faded Black.” Okay! So I have my moments and usually its one family of colors that I like at a given point. Black never fails anyone though.

Styling basic attires like a Black top & denim in two ways by just changing the accessory can alter the whole feel of the look. For a cool-casual look, I accessorized with a pair of galaxy printed suspenders with high-rise studded boots. (There are a lot more variations with suspenders). For a more sophisticated effect, I wore a fiery red cape with heels and big cut-out earrings.

Guys, all said and done, girls forever live in an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day – and, every word in that line is true to each letter. Put up with it ‘cos you ain’t giving her an easy life either.

Pic Courtesy :: Nagoor Photography










:: Outfit ::
Top & Denim:: Zara
Suspenders :: Claire’s
Boots :: KOOVS
Cape :: Missamore
Earrings :: Katy Perry’s PRISM collection, Claire’s

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