I believe, ‘Style’ is something that you create out of your outfit while ‘Fashion’ is what the industry defines as “Current Trends”. Street Style is purely a personal choice and depending on your personality, you can define this term.

While most of us in India have a casual and quirky approach to it, Paris Fashionistas would have an elegant and eclectic perspective of the same. As of me, I like to keep it both ways, falling back on my moods.


I had the perfect place in mind for it : Hoppipola @ Hotel The Spring. As you step down to enter the place, the first thing that you would notice is their HUGE Hoppi-Jenga pieces and the Beer-pong table. You just cannot miss out on the walls specifically done with all kinds of tape recorders hung on it. BRILLIANT IDEA! So, that’s what we went for. Who needs streets when you have one in the basement?

Keeping my look chic, I wore a laced camisole with a plaid shirt and maxi skirt {You can never have enough of these}. The shirt in particular has some kind of flowers stitched around randomly which I thought was quite different.

_AG_9133 _AG_9150

I thought of two ways to go about the styling – One, where the camisole is tucked in and shirt worn on top as a jacket [Usual way] while the second had both tucked in except that I did not button the shirt up to make it look more interesting. I also added a belt to accentuate the waist line.


To finish it off, I wore a zippered ring and stone bracelets alongwith printed bellies and a cluttered neckpiece in sea blue.

_AG_9138 _AG_9133 -001

Quite a striking feature of this place is that everyone working here has a weird and funny name which they call “HoppiName”. This place has been done up beautifully, all in white, with chalkboards as their table-tops with a chalk and miniature duster holder. Thoughtful!! Such minute additions always brings back good old memories of school & slates & scribblings.

Oh btw, Hoppipola has a game specifically designed for GIRLS where they place an empty shot glass in one of the tape recorders and if you find it in one chance, you get a free shot. Do give it a Shot! 😀


Location Courtesy :: Hoppipola, Hotel The Spring

Pic Courtesy :: My Dear Friend, Giraffe aka Nagoor Photography :)

:: Outfit ::

Plaid Shirt :: Asos

Camisole :: M&S

Maxi Skirt :: ONLY

Ring :: Claire’s [Steal Deal]

Bracelets :: Vero moda (Set of 2)

Shoes :: Forever21 [SUPER STEAL]

Glug! Glug! Glug! Drink it all up! Until next time..


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