Hiiiiii…. Yes, I’m super excited. My city, Chennai, is finally clearing up & it feels good to have the scorching heat back :).. Nothing gets better than this for a new post which turns out to be one of my favourites!

Okay! Before kicking off this post, I do understand that it is meant to be a fashion post but this time I’m gonna talk more on how much I LOVE CARTOONS, keeping the fashion detailing a lil less.

I can never be too old for Disney & I’m pretty darn sure that every person in my family would vouch for it. I am a HUGE FAN of cartoons especially the ones that were on Cartoon Network when I was a kid – Johnny Bravo, Bugs Bunny, Jetsons, Powerpuff girls, Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Dexter’s Laboratory, Popeye, Top Cat, Yogi Bear, our all-time addiction Tom & Jerry.. Name it & I’ve seen it!


I watch Chota Bheem almost overtype I get a chance to! Yes, it’s unbelievable & I’m going to stop with that!

So, yeah, you do get an idea of the kind of Cartoon mania that I have.

Though we never get a chance to really embrace fall/winter/autumn out here in Chennai, it’s cold enough for me to pull out my LION KING sweatshirt.  YAY!


In a family full of varied branded spectacle owners, I had none. I didn’t require any until fashion demanded. Luckily, I was gifted Tom Ford’s nerdy glasses by my sister which I gave her, just so generously ‘cos she was travelling. Of course, I never got it back. [Which sister does not have a million reasons to not send back stuff]

_AG_9238 _AG_9169

This time though, I was hell bent on looking nerdy. I flicked my mom’s spectacles while she was taking her afternoon nap. Sometimes I feel mom’s are like these mind readers – it is quite freaky you know!


Sweatshirt? Check.. Glasses? Check.. Denim? Check.. Shoes???? CHECK CHECK CHECK.. I recently picked up these Mickey Mouse shoes from Amazon.in & haven’t stopped wearing these since then. It’s the first pair of such print that I own, so I’m quite possessive of these. Predictable, I guess!

_AG_9189 _AG_9221

Pic Courtesy ::  My Dear Friend, Giraffe aka Nagoor Photography J

:: Outfit ::

 Sweatshirt :: Forever21

Denim :: Bebe

Shoes :: VANS <3

Glasses :: Stolen from Mom

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Until next time..


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