When you hear a relative call your mom or dad & say “Hum apni beti ki sagaai pakki kar aaye hai” [i.e. Our daughter got engaged], what is it that you are thinking? You are definitely not just thinking of congratulating her, but also on how to dress up for the wedding!

Despite knowing that the wedding is going to take place few months later & not even being sure of attending the ceremony, we start thinking of our clothes neatly arranged in hangers or wrapped up in pouches and what exactly could we wear for which occasion. (On the neatly arranged part of the sentence – My mum would strongly disagree to this.. But isn’t that what all mothers do?)

 This time, I decided to do a collaboration with Zahana & Misspinkshoes26, showcasing what we would wear to a bestie’s or cousins Wedding functions. They are the most fun after all! Linking their blogs below – Don’t forget to read about it!

Ranging from light silhouttes to heavy embroidery, this is how I dressed up.

For Casual functions :: I wore a digital printed jacket with embroidered florals in pearl with a light weight skirt in contrasting shades with accessories perfectly suitable from Zahana.

Rutika 01

Rutika 9

Rutika 6


For Wedding :: A MadSamTinZin lehenga in shades of red, anyday! What I love about this is the minute detailing of flowers & sequence thrown in to look scattered. Isn’t that Maangtikka royal? Totally in love with it. That, and a teo-toned Chaanbaali finished my look. (The Runaway bride was just getting dramatic) 😀

Rutika 1

Rutika 2

Rutika 3 copy

Rutika 4


Check out Peenal’s & Suhmita’s looks here :

Zahana – http://www.zahana.in/blogs/blog

Misspinkshoes -http://misspinkshoes.com/2016/02/the-wedding-affair/

Photography :: Revant Photoplay

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Until next time,


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