For those with a strong desire or an impulse to wander and explore the world, here are my three versions of styling. Pick your style based on your personality!

The Lone Traveller


London. New York. Athens. Sydney. Venice. Dubai. WALK! RUN! DRIVE! FLY! DO WHATEVER! Be on the move!

We all feel adventurous at some point in our lives and love to travel to the lesser known locations. My travel dreams fuel my imagination; help me to explore new exotic locations on this beautiful earth.

From Venice’s art and architecture to Hollywood, from Hawaiian islands to the natural wonders of Costa Rica, the world has a lot to offer. My mantra while travelling is to dress comfortable.

For my first look, I chose a girl with a carefree attitude who loves the feeling of being liberated and enjoys those little, precious pleasures of life.


Opting for a basic tank in Marsala (which btw, is my latest obsession in color), I teamed a black denim ripped by me and tied a green plaid shirt around my waist. Plaid is like a must-have in every girls wardrobe simply ‘cos it can make you look sexy on one hand and a tomboy on the other. Pair it according to your mood!





Carry your camera, capture your best moments, put on your favorite pair of shoes & shades and Get set go!

We all deserve one such vacation. Discover yourself, Love yourself! Embrace your individuality!

Pic Courtesy ::  Nagoor Photography

:: Outfit ::

Tank top & Denim :: Zara

Shirt :: H&M

Neckpiece & Rings :: Katy Perry’s “PRISM” collection from Claire’s

Hat :: Claire’s

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Until next time..


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