Each and everyone of us still have that child within us that shows up momentarily.

The memories of childhood have its own nostalgic feel. Every time my parents try explain things to me or my sister keeps a tab on me, while I am out, I still feel like a little girl.

The charm of being a child is never lost simply coz of it innocence, being yourself and life sans worries.

For my final Wanderlust look, I went for a maxi (being lady-like) & wore a mesh-top, tying a knot on the side (being child-like). There are moments we all prefer to go homey, soft & ethereal. Well, this seemed like one of those for me.

 This look is breezy, very pampering and brightens up the mood. Sometimes we wish we had never grown up at all.

Meanwhile, I came across this enthusiastic illustrator who can depict everything you have in mind on various things. Cards, mobile cases, shot glasses, coasters, just name it, she can turn it into your personalized product. I instantly connected with the sketch on the mobile case and bought it. I am linking her Facebook page down below. Don’t forget to let me know how you liked her stuff.

[I find her work pretty edgy though]


I am ending the “WANDERLUST” series with a small piece of advice :: Appreciate little things, they are precious, take the scenic route, do what all it takes to keep your soul happy.

Oh, I love the smell of earth after rain. Wish that happened a bit more often but not incessantly.

How about you guys?

Pic Courtesy ::  Nagoor Photography










:: Outfit ::

Maxi :: ValleyGirl

Mesh top :: Vero Moda

Neckpiece :: Hairband from Claire’s worn as neckpiece

Mobile Case :: Noodle Doodle by Roshni Bhattacharya

[NDRB – https://www.facebook.com/noodledoodlebyRB/?fref=ts]

Love who you are & never look back! For the love of Travel..


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