Let’s face it girls! None of us enjoy “that time of the month” & inadvertently, we turn into the cliché girl – Moody & impatient. Some of us stuck with our pillows against the stomach hoping it reduces the discomfort and most of us with our tubs of ice-cream or a box of chocolates, wishing and praying that the sweet tooth will help us forget it all. Not to forget the sanitary kit kept just a foot away from our reach. (Of course, we can’t bend or stretch much, can we?)


Today, I’m writing about my experience with Whisper’s Ultra Soft (2X Softer) that I received in a hamper from Whisper a few days back. During my phase, I get extremely cranky and believe me, it’s tough to step out of bed the first few days. Having tried the new sanitary care from Whisper, I’m quite happy with how comfortable and soft these are on our skin. For a change, I hadn’t developed any rashes – that saved me a lot of pain. An increased length by 20% helped me get through the nights quite smoothly too.


Isn’t comfort all that we are looking for those few days? Whisper has always inspired us to be ourselves, even during such days. They advertise their purpose boldly through all campaigns and commercials. With the improvised range of products, they believe nothing should stop a girl to carry out any activity throughout the day. And do so, with absolute confidence and ease.

Affordable, comfortable and twice as soft – Have you tried it yet?



Until next time, XOXO :)

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