Timeless Essentials :: LeT’s gO BohO

Mar 15th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


Feeling hippy? Don’t shy away from experimenting with heavy pieces, turbans and peep into your wardrobe to mix and match for a different look each time. The moment you look at maxi skirts, peasant tops, straw hats, turbans or huge printed scarves, Aztec prints, chunky jewellery, absolutely weird sunglasses – you know what you’re thinking? “I definitely need to make a trip soon”  I have…

WANDERLUST 103 :: Nostalgia – Delicate, but potent

Mar 1st, 2016 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


Each and everyone of us still have that child within us that shows up momentarily. The memories of childhood have its own nostalgic feel. Every time my parents try explain things to me or my sister keeps a tab on me, while I am out, I still feel like a little girl. The charm of being a child is never lost simply coz of it…

The Wedding Affair

Feb 20th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


When you hear a relative call your mom or dad & say “Hum apni beti ki sagaai pakki kar aaye hai” [i.e. Our daughter got engaged], what is it that you are thinking? You are definitely not just thinking of congratulating her, but also on how to dress up for the wedding! Despite knowing that the wedding is going to take place few months later…

Wanderlust 102 :: That Sort of Carefree

Feb 16th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 3 min read


Wanderlust continues and I should say it is irresistible. For my second look under Wanderlust series, I drifted a little away from my comfort one – getting shot in shorts! If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. And we all know we deserve more With the whole Kaftan & Cape trend having taken over the…

Love Beyond Boundaries :: Valentine’s Day

Feb 13th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 3 min read


  {He is allowed only one pic in this post.. It was too cute to resist anyway!} To My Valentine.. Valentine’s a day is to celebrate love. So, here I am doing just that in the purest form of it. Love of a mother!  I have always enjoyed styling my mom from her get-togethers to our family weddings. Let me tell you, she rarely moves…

Wanderlust 101 :: The Lone Traveller

Feb 4th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 3 min read


For those with a strong desire or an impulse to wander and explore the world, here are my three versions of styling. Pick your style based on your personality! The Lone Traveller London. New York. Athens. Sydney. Venice. Dubai. WALK! RUN! DRIVE! FLY! DO WHATEVER! Be on the move! We all feel adventurous at some point in our lives and love to travel to the…

Print-O-Mania :: In Full Bloom

Jan 14th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 5 min read


This is a style that can be very tricky yet outstanding! If you do not figure out the right way to mix prints, you might land yourself in fashion disasters! With such a blend, try to be spot on or at least achieve a stage where you don’t feel that your outfit is hurting the eye. Some safer & evergreen options would be mixing light…

Fake Is Never Fashionable

Jan 6th, 2016 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


Happy New Year :* After an entire day of travelling when I came home in the evening, I saw this beautiful hamper sent to me by Confidential Couture. Now, who wouldn’t like such surprises?  What did that hamper have? A black tee with a title of this post, napkins with my initials personalised, a hand-written letter, “BE STYLISH” with Pernia Qureshi & of course, their catalogue….

The Mayzie :: Vibrance

Dec 18th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 5 min read


From shuttling between movie schedules and photoshoots, to catching up with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & spending time with family playing cards, I am finally in the mood to be writing a new post. Trust me, it takes a lot of effort & time. Phew!! I belong to the genre which is extremely elated with just a loose tee & denim. I’m outright lazy, to be honest. This…

The Lion King :: “Simba on my mind”

Dec 12th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


  Hiiiiii…. Yes, I’m super excited. My city, Chennai, is finally clearing up & it feels good to have the scorching heat back :).. Nothing gets better than this for a new post which turns out to be one of my favourites! Okay! Before kicking off this post, I do understand that it is meant to be a fashion post but this time I’m gonna…