Bold & Beautiful :: Culottes

Nov 30th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


Culottes, also known as cropped pants or knee-length trousers, were earlier worn by European men. Like they say, the world is round – What goes around, comes back again. Exactly what has been happening with fashion. Culottes are a great choice for formal wear provided they stick to office norms – plain shades or stripes or dotted. Such patterns can be worn with a right…

The Hoppi Street :: Plaid and Laces

Nov 25th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 5 min read


I believe, ‘Style’ is something that you create out of your outfit while ‘Fashion’ is what the industry defines as “Current Trends”. Street Style is purely a personal choice and depending on your personality, you can define this term. While most of us in India have a casual and quirky approach to it, Paris Fashionistas would have an elegant and eclectic perspective of the same….

OH! So Girly..

Nov 20th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 5 min read

_AG_2203 copy

Origin of this thought : Pyar ka Punchnama 2 It’s tough for me to be too girly – wearing pink outfits, carrying pink bags, pink polish or even knowing too many shades of pink at once. So, when I went for this movie with a friend 3weeks back & the scene explaining the differentiation between all pinks come up, she looked at me and said…

Diwali :: Festival of Peace & Lights

Nov 11th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 4 min read


Aunty : “Why haven’t you posted anything new?” I (Thinking): “………. Umm yea!! It’s Diwali.. Sooooo…..ummmm…okkkk” To be honest, I did not really have a post ready for Diwali. Yes, I understand that it’s every bloggers way of working and letting out new outfit posts, especially when its festival time, but I am not a big fan of celebrating Diwali with new clothes and bursting…

ZIQUE :: Relax | Refresh | Renew

Nov 4th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 6 min read


FOR SUPRISE: Read until last “I have no time for a massage” – said no one ever! We all know that it’s the key to a really good mood. Today, I’m going to be sharing my personal experience with the new luxury unisex salon & spa that has opened up in Chetpet, Chennai : ZIQUE, Beyond Unique. In the recent times, I figured out how…

Cold Hues :: Fall Florals

Oct 28th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 6 min read


With weather finally getting better in Chennai & moving away from the scorching heat, I had an absolutely brilliant time shooting for the festive moods. The cold drizzle, silent roads, huge banyan tree in all its glory and different shades of green with those pretty flowers – PERFECT! Nothing beautiful ever asks for attention & so did I feel, when I scrolled through this buttoned…

Block Prints :: Blurring Fashion Boundaries

Oct 22nd, 2015 Rutika Saraf 6 min read


To begin with.. HAPPY DUSSEHRA!! Inspired by nature & enchanted by history – it feels nostalgic every time I look at wonderful block prints that have been brought to us by the Indian craftsmen and artisans. For centuries together, they have been creating some amazing floral patterns in vivid colors. And yes, it’s a weakness I have! When I look at such prints, I get…

Denim Diaries :: The White Way

Oct 18th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 5 min read


Dress (Maybe)? Shorts (What about the creeps outside :O)? Palazzos (Comfy but Nahhh..)? Confused much? I have a term for that – Daily Denim Crushes!! It’s like an angel in disguise and honestly no one cares how many times your denim has been repeated. Be it a fall outfit or a spring summer collection, denim overalls or shift dresses or shorts are always in vogue and…

The Color-Print Machine :: Suit Up

Oct 14th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 4 min read

_AG_2170 F

Act Like a Lady, Think like a Boss – That’s a thought that I usually have every morning & this time I decided to dress like one. I’m an ardent lover of colors and anything in right mix makes me feel very cheery. I’m sure that’s the case with most of us. When I looked at this jumpsuit, the whole pairing of it instantly hit…

The Quirky Boyfriend :: Minions

Oct 14th, 2015 Rutika Saraf 5 min read


This Minion Boyfriend Jacket is very special and close to me. Sometime back, my sister and I decided to exchange gifts for no apparent reason. Yeah! Since she knew how much I was eyeing this piece from Quirk box and I wanting her to try something new, we both ended up ordering the EXACT same piece for one another. We couldn’t really hide our smiles and somehow the intuition…