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All about Melania Trump clothing style

Her style corresponds to the status of the first lady. Carefully thought out images, laconic colors and high-quality cut, business style and the correct length of the skirt. But in every outfit of Melania there is a highlight that gives her incredible femininity and charm. So what’s her secret?

Rumor has it that Melania Trump is far from politics and even still speaks poor English, but every official appearance of the first lady of the United States is in the spotlight. Melania Trump does not particularly adhere to protocols related to the style of the first lady. More precisely, she constantly violates them.

Melania Trump is used to luxury, for which she is constantly constantly condemned.

Favorite brands and designers

Melania’s favorite fashion houses are Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren, who often dress her for social events. She also wears clothes from Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, The Row and Hervé Pierre. Karl Lagerfeld was also “in favorites”, and at first the first lady wanted to order him to make a dress for the inauguration, but at the last moment she changed her mind in favor of the “domestic brand” Carolina Herrera.

Melania Trump shoes

As a rule, all her images are complemented by stiletto pumps from Christian Louboutin. And no matter how much they scolded Melania for this, she is unlikely to part with her expensive wardrobe. But not only love for luxury distinguishes Melania from other first ladies of the USA.

Melania Trump dresses

The basis of Melania’s wardrobe is made up of dress-shirts and dress-coat A-silhouette, as well as cases. At first, only having received the status of the wife of the President of the United States, Melania Trump gave preference to sheath dresses, fitted and narrowed down models, and the color scheme was concise and monophonic.

What can be observed in the style of Melania Trump at the moment?

I would like to draw attention to the fact that more trouser suits have appeared in the wardrobe of Melania. In general, this is a fashion trend of recent seasons. And Melania could not miss him. Melania Trump in pantsuits is a separate issue. It’s hard to deny that the suits on the first lady of the USA look amazing and at the same time feminine. The media has been discussing her snow-white suit from Christian Dior for a long time at the annual address of the US President to Congress. Then there was a no less spectacular outlet in a suit of pale pink shade from Emilio Pucci.
Favorite colors in the clothes of Melania Trump.

We all know perfectly well that a business wardrobe usually consists of neutral shades. But Melania also likes to break this rule. She chooses bright colors that are balanced with a strict cut or conciseness in the image.
Melania Trump’s style is a good source of inspiration for a modern business woman. If you want to get closer to her images, then you should focus on expensive fabrics in images (not necessarily famous brands). Then you can buy at least one pantsuit that will fit perfectly on the figure. And the final touch – bright accents in the image.

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