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Billie Eilish: all about clothing style and hairstyle

Billie Eilish is an American singer who became famous for her achievements in the world of music at such a young age. The girl is only 18 years old. Billie Eilish gained popularity thanks to the following songs, which became the hits of the world charts: Bad Guy, I love you, Lovely and other hits. But Billie is known not only for her songs. The style of the singer is another reason for discussion.

Billie Eilish Clothing Style

Billie Eilish is wearing normal clothes. You can describe the wardrobe of the star in one word – oversize. You will not see her in tight tops and skinny jeans. Billie Eilish isn’t wearing tight clothes. Billie believes that while no one sees what is under the clothes, no one can condemn her. But such a choice does not prevent the star from dressing in luxury stores and getting into the top of the most stylishly dressed celebrities.
Billie Eilish’s standard uniform is a shapeless T-shirt and elongated loose shorts resembling a basketball uniform. So Billie dresses for performances, as well as social events. In such things you will meet her in ordinary life. Billie Eilish even co-created the collection with Bershka so that her fans could dress like her. And more recently, her collection for children has also been released.

Billie Eilish’s favorite color is neon green, which, incidentally, is in trend. And thanks to the choice of the singer does not lose relevance. The singer often chooses outfits in neon green and even dyed her hair like that.
At social events, Billie prefers to wear costumes rather than dresses. All the same oversize, which is traditionally complemented by numerous rings, bracelets and multi-tiered necklaces. In an interview, the star admitted that she doesn’t even buy her jewelry – brands send her gifts themselves.

Billie Eilish Hairstyle

Most of all, Billie loves to experiment with hair. More precisely, with their color: from hairstyles, the singer prefers loose strands or a careless bunch on the top of her head. Below you will see a photo of Billie Eilish with brown hair, with blonde hair and many other colors.

Since the star often changes hair color, fans began to wonder: what color is billie eilish hair? The natural hair color of Billie Eilish is a light blond shade of hair. The singer returned the natural color of her hair thanks to the filming in the video for the song “Xanny”.

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