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Dua Lipa: all about her style

Dua Lipa is a young singer, performer of such hits as “physical”, “future nostalgia”, “dont start now”, “break my heart” and other popular songs.
Her album ranks first among the best-selling women’s albums in the UK (2018), and the new hit of the singer “One Kiss” breaks records in various charts. Her style inspires many girls around the world. Who is she? One and only, Dua Lipa!

Dua Lipa, at 24, has her own recognizable style in both music and fashion. You will not find it without multi-tier pendants, short dresses, comfortable massive sneakers or loose trousers. The singer manages to combine feminine and sporting things in one outfit and at the exit get incredibly cool bows that you always want to repeat. Well, look at the Dua Lipa style!

Dua Lipa’s style at concerts and “light” shows

Dua Lipa loves to combine comfort and femininity. At performances, she prefers to wear a sports top, bodice, crop top with loose long pants or jeans. This is Dua Lipa’s favorite style. Loose pants do not constrain movement, and a short top gives sexuality.

Dua Lipa Street Style

The singer prefers a free and sporty style. Often, Dua Lipa can be found in sneakers, jeans or sweatpants and in a T-shirt or top. To the top, Dua Lipa prefers a loose jacket, cardigan or a long coat. Despite the simplicity of the image, the singer looks very stylish.

Dua Lipa in high heels

Despite the fact that most of all the singer prefers sneakers and a sporty style, sometimes she can also be found in high heels. This style gives Dua Lipa grace.

Dua Lipa in a dress

When the singer attends various events, her exit on the red carpet is often accompanied by a dress, tight-fitting silhouettes, high-heeled shoes. If we talk about dresses, the singer likes “mini” more.

Dua Lipa Hairstyles

Dua Lipa does not greatly change the style of her hair, however, in the photographs you can see Dua Lipa with short hair, long hair, Dua Lipa Blonde, brunette and various hairstyles. It is worth canceling that the singer is beautiful with any hairstyle.

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