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Fall fashion trends 2019

Autumn is the time of year when you want warmth, comfort and beauty. Most people express themselves in clothes, so fashion issues are becoming more relevant every year. A growing number of girls want to look stylish and beautiful.
In this article, we will talk about the fashion trends of the fall of 2019 for women, the fashion colors of the fall of 2019 and the current fashion trends of the fall of 2019.

Raincoats and Trench Coats

Raincoats and trench coats are one of the necessary elements of the wardrobe of every fashionista. A basic, stylish trench coat perfectly complements any look and is suitable for walking, for work, for meeting friends. Trench coats are relevant for a sufficiently long period of time, which indicates its need for the wardrobe of every girl.
The recommended trench length is midi, slightly below the knee. Be sure to look at the width of the belt at the trench: the wider the belt, the more relevant the model.
Oversize is currently popular, when things look loose and several sizes larger. Therefore, if the trench coat has folds, volume, layers – such a trench coat would be an ideal option.


A coat is an ideal replacement for a raincoat, but not in bad weather. When it rains outside, either wear a raincoat / trench coat or take an umbrella with you. In the fashion of 2019, the material is tweed – it retains a good appearance with long wear, and also holds volume well.
The style of the coat may be different, but at the shows, designers experiment and introduce different models into fashion: voluminous, massive, bright colors that attract attention. The length of the coat is recommended by stylists to choose midi, no higher than the knee.


Autumn dresses are simultaneously distinguished by femininity, practicality and simplicity. Designers are now recommending free oversize options. This option can be worn both independently and with a wide belt.
We do not recommend choosing short dress models for fall. The length of the midi or maxi will be more relevant and warm. You can see the current models of dresses in the photo below. Some fall fashion dresses 2019.

Voluminous scarf

A large scarf is an indispensable element of a cool autumn. The scarf will warm you, and also add an interesting combination. Now there are actual long scarves that will cover the whole body. Good scarf:
– large knitting or just knitted material;
– length of several meters;
– basic and delicate colors or unusual and vibrant colors;
– nice stuff.

Denim clothing

Denim is always relevant material for any look. For the fall of 2019, the perfect look can be made with jeans, a denim jacket, a denim shirt, denim overalls. You can also combine the top and jeans. Combine jeans with sweaters, coats, boots, sneakers and you will get a beautiful and stylish look.

Knitted sweater

Knitted sweater is a very versatile and irreplaceable thing in the autumn-winter period. Now it’s important to use a sweater as an accessory or wear it as an independent element of your wardrobe. A combination of sweaters and a shirt is very fashionable, as many designers showed at their fall-winter 2019-2020 shows. Such an image will be appropriate both for work and for meeting friends.

Autumn skirts

Midi skirts are perfect for fall-winter 2019-2020. Designers offer skirts made of leather, velvet, suede, tweed. Also now mini skirts are returning to fashion, including those supplemented with buttons, patch pockets.

Jeans and trousers

Jeans and trousers are always appropriate at any time of the year. Straight, to the ankles, flared, slightly narrowed – a lot of options that will be fashionable in the fall of 2019. Choose autumn jeans in blue and blue, as well as sulfur and black that resemble trousers. In autumn, they can be combined with cardigans, jackets, sneakers and boots, creating many beautiful images.

Jackets and cardigans

Always relevant, used as a 2 layer in everyday looks. With the help of a jacket, you can make an look both for work and for an evening out to the event. Choose a jacket or sweater with a free cut, avoiding the fit of the whole body.

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