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Greek style wedding dress

A wedding is one of the most anticipated events for lovers who want it to go perfectly. Often, the bride and groom choose a theme for the wedding and, on this basis, begin to prepare the event, select the hall and select outfits.

Greek-style wedding – let’s talk about it, and especially about the Greek style wedding dress.

Greek style wedding dress: what should it be? What to choose accessories for a wedding in the Greek style? All these questions arise in the bride’s head. In this article, we will help to answer all of them, as well as show options for ideal Greek-style wedding dresses.

Greek style wedding dresses are not always selected for a thematic wedding, this can be an ordinary wedding, however, the Greek style is close to the bride and she wants this dress exactly that.
Greek style wedding dresses are characterized by delicate, airy and flowing styles. Thanks to these dresses, girls become like the ancient Greek goddesses.

Features of dresses in the Greek style

– naked body lines: it can be a shoulder (one or two), legs, waist, arms and so on;
– loose flowing fabrics;
– delicate and flying styles;
– the presence of jewelry on a dress made of gold.
This image is characterized by femininity and grace.

The color of the dress should be delicate, pastel shades: sand, beige, white, cream, peach, various delicate shades of pink.

Dress materials should be light, delicate and loose.

Greek style dress shoes should not be high-heeled. The best choice is flat sandals that will wrap around your foot.

On the head, you can fix a neat and light veil or complement the image with a rim, a wreath of gold or fresh flowers, leaves.
The dress in the Greek style is ideally complemented by massive accessories from gold, belts, rings, bracelets, earrings.
All these recommendations will allow you to create the perfect look for a wedding in the Greek style.

Some more inspiration and details in the Greek style.

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