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Kimono style dress: who suits and what to wear

Kimono dress is a national Japanese clothing. In Japan, both women and men wear such an outfit; the difference is only in its color. The kimono dress has a free T-shaped cut, wide one-piece sleeves in the kimono style and a wide belt; it embodies Japanese culture, gradually conquering the European catwalks.

Since its inception, the kimono dress has undergone some changes, but has not lost its relevance. To date, dresses in the Japanese style are present in the wardrobe of almost all women – in the form of a home dressing gown, casual attire or dress for the exit.

This is how traditional kimono dresses look at Japan Fashion Week

Modern kimono dresses can have either long or short sleeves, or they can even be completely sleeveless. This style has no buttons or zippers, it is fixed only with the help of a wide belt, which can be located directly on the waist or under the chest.

Below are the options for long kimono dresses

In European fashion, you can increasingly find dresses that only vaguely resemble traditional Japanese kimonos. At the waist level on such dresses, a wide insert is made that imitates the belt, the top and bottom of the dress, as well as the sleeves – free. Buttons can be present on European models today, both as a decorative element and as a fastener.

Among other things, modern kimono dresses can be not only half-length, as was customary in Japan, there are models up to the middle of the ankle, to the knee, and even a frank mini. Kimono dresses are made from natural fabrics, soft, flowing and shiny. The classic version is silk kimono dresses, but linen, cotton, chiffon and even velvet are often found. The color scheme here is unlimited, but depends on the time of year when the dress is supposed to be worn. So, starting from early spring and almost until mid-autumn, it is necessary to wear kimonos with floral motifs, most often these are sakura flowers. In the cold season, abstract drawings are preferred.

Kimono style short dresses are popular

Who should wear a kimono dress

Today, slender girls with a figure of the Rectangle type, and even owners of curvaceous shapes and figures like the Apple can safely wear a kimono dress. A huge plus of a kimono dress is its absolute convenience and ability to hide any imperfections in a figure. The kimono dress, due to the free cut, successfully balances the silhouette, and therefore, if your figure is of the Triangle or Inverted Triangle type, and you can hardly find a suitable dress for yourself, in this outfit you will look great.

How to wear a kimono dress

Long kimono dresses look best with sandals or flat shoes, while short models, on the contrary, with high-heeled shoes. The choice of accessories for this style should be approached with extreme caution – there should be a minimal amount of them or not at all. Japanese women often use beautiful hairpins, hairpins, hair combs as jewelry, which looks very original in the European environment.

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