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Mini bags: new trend in 2020

Mini bags: new trend in 2020

Recently, in the fashion world, one can notice several bright trends: sneakers are getting bigger, jewelry is more massive, but bags are getting smaller and smaller. Of course, large models are still in fashion, but their mini options are confidently gaining ground in the fashion world.

The trend has reached luxury brands such as Fendi and Jacquemus, and to mass retail stores such as Zara and Mango.
Stylists talk about the convenience of micro-bags: large bags, although practical, are often uncomfortable and interfere with freedom of movement. Miniature ones create a minimalist silhouette, they look very neat, do not constrain movements and are quite comfortable. Plus, the size, although small, is sufficient to fit only everything you need: a phone, keys, credit cards and your favorite lipstick.

The charm of a small handbag is that it looks very stylish and expensive with day and evening dresses.

Why do I need a mini bag?

Many girls have a number of doubts related to the miniature fashion trend. The most frequently asked question: why do I need a mini bag? Indeed, it fits a little, but this is what she is good at. Although the mini bag is now used more as a decoration than a full bag.
Firstly, it helps to avoid the mess that is found in many women’s handbags. Nothing extra will definitely fit into it.
Secondly, you will not put a lot of things into it, which means that it will be almost weightless.
Thirdly, it allows you to take your hands, which will be appreciated by insecure girls.

Where to wear a mini bag?

Another popular question with regards to mini bags: what to wear? It is not very convenient to use for work – you will not put a bundle of papers and contracts in it. But in such cases, you can always complement the mini bag with a regular one, suitable in style and color. After all, the combination of two bags in one look is another fashion trend.
Put the phone, money and keys in the mini-bag – so you don’t have to look for things for a long time in the bowels of the big bag. But after work, you can go directly on a date or a meeting with friends only with a cute flirty accessory.

What to wear my mini bag with?

The mini bag will fit in both the daytime and evening look. In the first case, it will give lightness and grace, and in the second it will remove a raid of pretentiousness. It is perfect for jeans with a T-shirt for a walk, and a cocktail dress for a party.
As you can see, the mini bag is an almost universal accessory that can replace both a ladies bag and an evening clutch.

Some more fashionable looks with a mini bag

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