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Pair style: how to look stylish with your beloved?

How to look stylish – probably every woman and girl asks this question. And how to look stylish together with your boyfriend – when you go together to an important event or even just for a walk? This is no less interesting topic for thought. We find out how to dress a man and a woman in the same style, but not the same.

1. Choose the style that suits the occasion.
No matter how beautiful you look in an evening dress and with a smokey ice make-up, relevance is the main rule of a stylish modern girl. By the way, this also applies to men. Therefore, if you are going to an event, it is worth specifying the dress code in advance. And take it into account when preparing your outfits with a companion.

The same goes for a business meeting. It is worth discussing in advance with the partner the degree of formality of the upcoming meeting (for example, you are speaking in front of an audience), and determine the appropriate style of clothing.

2. Let the focus be on one image in a pair
If your outfit is bright and focuses on yourself, then your companion should choose a more restrained and monochrome outfit that will balance the situation.

3. Strive for color harmony in a couple style
It is not necessary to choose outfits in the same color scheme and completely copy each other. It is enough that the shades of your clothes are combined with each other.
You can go in a win-win way: think over your images so that the elements of your outfits match in color. For example, so that the color of a butterfly in a man matches the color of the trim on the dress or the color of your boats.

4. Choose different textures
If you both like to dress, for example, in black or any other and do not want to look like twins, play with fabrics and textures. Let the cotton coexist with the skin or a large knit sweater with chiffon.

5. Wear similar garments
Olivia Palermo and Johannes Hubble often look harmonious due to the fact that they put on similar things, for example, a shirt or a jacket.
If both of you prefer laconicism in an image, accessories will perfectly complement your outfits. For example, it could be a hat, cap or similar bag. Thanks to this simple technique, your images will resonate with each other.

Now you know how important it is to take into account the style, color palette, fabric texture and accessories when creating a harmonious image of a couple.

Some more ideas for collaborative images (pair style)

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