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Slouchy jeans: how and what to wear?

Slouchy jeans are the trend of 2020 and a popular jeans model among fashionistas around the world. Despite the interesting texture and volume, Slouchy jeans combine with almost many things: from heels to sneakers. In addition, such a model will be ideal both in the summer season and in winter.
What to wear with Slouchy jeans?


A cotton blouse or a blouse with voluminous sleeves is ideal. A lace blouse will also be in place.




This short top is perfect for slouchy oversized jeans. Do not forget to add accessories to the image.


Plain, cut oversized, not very long. The front edge is tucked into jeans. Any footwear fits: sneakers, heeled sandals.


A voluminous jacket will perfectly complement any look with Slouchy jeans. With oversized models, very stylish sets are obtained.


Best suited models are “bathrobe” and “cocoon”, male cut, below the knee. Ankle boots are ideal for feet.


For slouchy jeans, opt for oversized sweaters. Wear a sweater by tucking it fully into jeans or just the front edge.

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