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Sweater as an accessory: fashionable or not?

Sweater as an accessory: fashionable or not?

For a long time, the sweater is one of the mandatory components of the wardrobe of all fashionistas. A sweater can be an independent element together with trousers, skirts, jeans, or an additional element, using it on top of a turtleneck, blouse.
Now another trend is spreading – to use a sweater as an accessory. This trend will be especially relevant in 2020. Sweater as an accessory has surpassed all their ideas and is used as unusual as possible in the images. The sweater is thrown over the shoulders and neatly tied up, or tied at the waist.
What images will be relevant with a sweater as an accessory in 2020? Let’s examine in more detail in the following images.

Sweater + Sweater

Sweater + sweater is the best combination. Use 2 identical sweaters: one of them wear on yourself, the second on the neck/shoulders / waist/hips

Sweater + Coat

Sweater + coat is a new and original trend. This combination refreshes the look. Use basic shades to make the look seem light and delicate.

Sweater + Jacket

Sweater + jacket is a stylish and fresh look for a walk, meeting with friends, for university, dating. The presence of a sweater gives comfort to your look.

Sweater + Blouse

Sweater + blouse. This has long been an actual look. Gives style and charm. Also very practical. When it gets cold in the evening, you can always take off your sweater and put it on over your blouse.

Some more actual looks

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