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What is camp fashion?

Many people ask: what does camp mean in fashion? what is camp fashion? We will talk about everything in this article.

In New York, the famous annual costume institute ball Met Gala was held. The theme of the ball was timed to coincide with the upcoming exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Costume Exhibition and sounded like this: Camp: Notes on Fashion. After the ball, users actively began to search for the meaning of the word camp. We explain what it means.

Camp has nothing to do with tents, military camps or camps. The organizers were inspired by the collection of essays by art critic Susan Sontag, Camp Notes, which was published in 1964. She defined “camp” as “love of the unnatural: art and exaggeration.” The term “camp” itself comes from the French verb se camper, which means “to adopt a pose of excessive mannerism.”
Outfits of stars on Met Gala and so always amaze. But this year, the Met Gala theme itself welcomed the grotesque and caricature. Therefore, in social networks, photos with eccentric costumes quickly dispersed into memes.
Some features of camp fashion.

The lack of boundaries between the sexes

In camp aesthetics, there is no boundary between men and women. Camp combines feminine and courageous. The most attractive moment is, according to Susan Sontag, where gender is violated. In our opinion, the same thing is happening in modern fashion – all the most interesting today are offered by brands that are flexible in their approach to the gender issue.


By definition, Zontag, camp is artificial – nothing in nature can be Camp. At the same time, the camp can safely quote elements of nature. A case in point is a swan dress in which Björk appeared on the Oscars in 2001. Then this outfit was included in the lists of the worst outfits in the history of red carpet – today the grandiose outfit of the designer Marjan Pezhoski becomes a symbol of the camp. And the central exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Innocence and naivety

Pure camp, naive and innocent, it can not be calculated in advance, it is served sincerely and passionately.


Do not be afraid to be funny, strange, somewhere a little ridiculous – this is the camp. Now you are valued not for the number of feathers and sparkles, but for the ability to ironize with style – over others and above yourself. “If you have a hump, sprinkle it with sequins and go dancing,” the golden Camp Council from Party Monster, which never fails.

Some more about camp fashion?

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